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World of Washing known as WOW is a Power Washing – Pressure Washing exterior cleaning service company located in southern Michigan that currently services all of Indiana and Michigan customers.  The company was formed from Cottage Care Co. in attempt to keep specific washing needs separate from property management and landscape design. When leaving customers homes, often more times than not the customer would respond with “WOW” that looks nice, or something along those lines. While driving home from long hard worked days, the light bulb lit and the name World of Washing was formed from that “WOW” acronym.

WOW’s main service is Power Washing residential homes and commercial buildings up to 4 stories tall including apartment complexes and hotels. We use techniques that our competition can’t match, we are about being efficient and providing our customers with excellent service and reliability. Several products are used while Power Washing such as bio-degradable cleaners and solutions for any surface type including wood, vinyl, concrete, shingle roofs, aluminum, and many others as well. We rarely use ladders to eliminate potential accidents, instead with our technology we can reach over 35’ from the ground without using a ladder.

Do you have a rust problem on you house, driveway, or another surface type around your home or business? Tried everything there is in the book to remove but just cant seem to find the right trick? Let us help you out with our rust removal solution. Forget to add water softener pellets? We have you covered. Visit our website for a free quote: https://cottagecareco.com/request-free-estimate/

Have you discovered black streaks on your north facing side of your home’s roof? We have the answer. Due to the angle of how the sun travels, you may not be getting sufficient amount of sunlight letting black and green algae or mold to start growing. The last thing you want to do is to climb on your roof potentially falling but more because you can and will damage your shingles. Under shingle manufacture warranties: if your roof has been pressure washed your warranty is still valid, however the company will void your warranty if they find out it had been power washed.

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4 Reasons for a clean roof:

  1. Boosts Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Nothing kills your curb appeal faster than an ugly roof. You might be surprised that in many cases, an unsightly roof doesn’t even need repairs, just a thorough cleaning. Moss, lichen, and algae cause dark streaks that look more obvious on light-colored roofs. Instead of manually cleaning your roof with power washers, we provide a long-term solution called “Roof-a-Cide,” which cleans roofs without harming the materials.
  2. Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: If you’re not familiar with the term “cool roof,” it refers to roofs that are optimized to reduce heat absorption. Color choice plays a large part in this, as light colors bounce sunlight and solar heat back up to its source—similar to how wearing light-colored clothing can keep you cooler in the sun. Dark streaks or stains trap excess heat in your attic, which increases your indoor cooling requirements and, consequently, your energy bills. A clean, light-colored roof reduces heat absorption, resulting in less required indoor cooling.
  3. Keeps Your Gutters Clean and Clog-Free: Leaves, debris, and even small animals can clog your gutters and compromise their performance, which could result in anything from ugly water stains on your siding to irreparable damage to your home’s foundation. Professional roof cleaning decreases the chances of clogged gutters, which means improved efficiency.
  4. Fewer Safety Risks: Climbing roofs is risky without proper safety equipment and training. This is why roofing activities should be left to professionals, whether it’s installation, cleaning, or maintenance. Our team has the training and experience to ensure professional quality cleaning without the safety risks.

To solve this issue, WOW has a roof cleaning solution that is applied with a soft-wash technology and rinsed off with low pressure high volume water. No scrubbing, No high pressure, no damaging of shingles, and no voids of your roofs warranty.

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WOW has a Weathered Wood Restoration process for restoring old wooden decks, houses, siding, docks, and any structure made of wood. Wood surfaces need to be maintained correctly periodically through its life time to preserve the wood from splintering and/or becoming rotted. We have seen many wooden deck that were presumed to be rotted because the homeowner believe it had been too long since it was cleaned last. With out W.W.R. product, we can make wooden surfaces look and perform like new again. Our product cleans the wood by letting the product sit on the wood for 15 minutes followed by a rinse. It then also brightens the wood to make it have a “new” look like it was just purchased. After the cleaning process, the wood will absorb, or retain wood stain or sealants to preserve the wood much long than if it was cleaned with only water.

WOW also serves a great deal of farmers throughout the state of Michigan and Indiana. Power Washing tractors and trailers, tractors, combines, oxbow grain haulers, pesticide sprayers, combine cutters, and many other farm implements. Keeping equipment clean after planting season and harvesting season reduces down time by keeping all the moving parts clean and free of debris. Power Washing and storing equipment clean on the off season is a must as all the dirt and grime can deteriorate a machine quickly when not properly maintained. We also offer on the call emergency cleaning if a machine is broke down in the field.


Whether you are considering getting your home cleaned, Deck power washed, or just need some sidewalks cleaned, World of Washing is your go to service company for you pressure washing needs. We use high pressure, soft wash, and different cleaning techniques to keep many different types of customers satisfied.


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